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Sign up/Dues

Monthly Masters Rates: Team dues pay coaches’ salaries, pool and facilities, and contribute to the UNCW Swimming and Diving Scholarship fund.

    • Masters dues$40 per month ($41.50 paypal)

or 3 month ($124)
0r 1 year ($495)

or subscribe to pay automatically every month


    • Student rate- $20 per month ($21.00 paypal)

or students can subscribe to pay automatically every month


    • Drop in fee- $5 per practice ($5.50 paypal)


Send monthly or quarterly payments via Paypal above or use: or bring a check to the coach on deck made out to “Seahawk Aquatics Programs” by the 5th of the month.

If you are a new member to Hawk Masters Please fill out the form below.

Hawk Masters Registration Form